Bend Me, Shape Me, Any Way You Want Me

The Luminiums are a range of our materials on lightweight aluminium support that we have developed. This opens up the different materials to a new world of sculptural possibilities, as the aluminium holds its shape, yet is soft and light enough to be manipulated by hand. You can easily imagine mountain ranges, ski slopes, icebergs, extraterrestrial planetary surfaces, or the wonderlands of your wildest imagination come to life!

To illustrate their individual quirks and character traits, we have made a small video for each variation being manipulated.

Here we list their individual traits:


Our Glitter Hexa Ski on aluminum, a timeless classic and the first in the aluminum family, perfect for recreating snow-capped mountains and festive scenes.


Our Microbilles Reflective on aluminum, a space-age reflective material that turns a dazzling white when activated with a camera flash.


Our Rainbow Flash on aluminium, a dark counterpart to our Moon-Luminium that becomes rainbow coloured when activated with a camera flash.


Our iconic Magic Mirror adhesive on aluminium, a spectacular reflective dichroic surface available in blue or pink.


A glitter paper on aluminium, perfect for a touch of luxury or to mimic a hearth of smouldering embers.


Our felted polyester Mousse on aluminium, soft to the touch and perfect for imagining mountain ranges and rolling fields.