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American Supply offers a wide range of the Magic Mirror material, from soft to hard versions. Read more about what differentiates them all and find the right one for your project. Contact us or schedule an appointment at our showroom with our material experts.
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It’s a kind of Magic

Our iconic Magic Mirror material comes in many different forms, on various supports and is as adaptable as your imagination itself. A dichroic material made of over one hundred superposed micro-layers, with different refractive indices, that separate the light in many different directions at once: perplexing the eye and troubling your senses, adding color where there was none and separating tones. It is capable of being transparent, invisible, saturated, hyper-visible, intense and eye-catching all at the same time. Watch the video above to see and hear our most popular iterations and allow yourself to be transported through the medium of Magic Mirror.

Magic Mirror Film

A lightweight film of material that can be used smooth or crushed, to increase the diffraction and add another dimension.


Magic Mirror Adhesive

A layered material, comprising the lightweight film with an invisible adhesive layer and a fine protective sheet. This material can be used as is, or you can take off the protective layer and stick it onto another surface.


Magic Mirror TPU

This is one of the thickest of the translucent iterations; comprising the lightweight film sandwiched in-between two layers of transparent PU making it more durable.

Magic Mirror DS

The lightweight film laminated on a compact polystyrene backing, which comes in adhesive and non-adhesive versions. The pink version is laminated on a white backing, and the blue on a black backing to enhance the coloration.


Magic Mirror Textile

A lightweight woven textile with Magic Mirror threads, the textile is sheer and subtle in its coloration.


Magic Mirror Luminium

Our iconic Magic Mirror adhesive on aluminium, a spectacular reflective dichroic surface available in blue or pink.


Magic Dawn – New

This is one of the thickest of the translucent iterations; comprising the lightweight film sandwiched in-between transparent PU and reflective PU making it more durable and with a prismatic effect from one direction.

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