Marvellous Minerals

Introducing our new sustainable eco-innovative family composed of projected mica, vermiculite and recycled paper on non-woven supports. The mica brings a sparkling diamond-like metallic finish to a surface, and the vermiculite has a high heat-resistance enhancing the materials fire resistance. Both minerals are naturally occurring and mined ethically, making this family a truly eco-certified sustainable option for all your needs.

Mica has a rich cultural history, used as a luxury material by Japanese ukiyo-e artists such as Utamaro in the production of their woodblock prints in the late 1700s. His mica coated backgrounds suggest mirrors to convey a sense of seeing the self, a luxury at the time. These images were commonly oblong to mimic the form of mirrors, to project the viewer into the beauty of the image itself. The Japanese have been known to refer to mica as a ‘miracle stone’. Vermiculite has been used in technical applications since the 1800s such as the fireproofing of structural steel and the production of glassblowing for cooling the glass as you work, due to its extraordinary thermal resistance and light structural weight. 

Combined, they create unexpectedly complex and beautiful 3D surfaces which can be easily applied to enrich many a luxury project.

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