Story of the Month
Chromatic Christmas & Festive Feelings

“Green for the ivy that grows by the wall

White for the mistletoe that hangs in the hall

Red for the berries that shine in the snow”

The Colors of Christmas, John Rutter, 2011

The material identity of the festive season defines our holiday experience as much as the recognized colour codes of Christmas. A traditional holiday home is evoked by trees replete with baubles, garlands of tinsel, twinkling lights, satin bows and varied ornaments. Candles line our tabletops and cards from friends and relatives punctuate our mantelpieces. Even those that do not celebrate Christmas in their own homes, feel its material identity on the streets as trees appear in public places, and garlands of lights are strung above our heads in commercial shopping districts. The spectacle of the lights is so important, it is often turned into a public event, with a celebrity or beloved public personality chosen to ‘flick the switch’. We immediately regress to our childhood selves marvelling upon the windows of department stores and boutiques, full of evocative textures and nostalgic scenes of winter, homeliness and family.


American Supply is renowned for its unrivalled choice of unique Christmas materials for luxury merchandising, high-end windows and in-store POS. We work with industry leaders in luxury to make their Christmas dreams come true, from material consultations to bespoke material creation, to full-circle manufacturing for larger productions across networks of stores. 


This month we break down the codified colours of Christmas and extricate their material ingredients, reimagining them with a small selection of materials that we have here to give you a feeling of Christmas, our way!

“Red for the berries that shine in the snow”


Red is personified by the beloved festive berries that grow prolifically on the holly trees in winter months against all odds. Glitter evokes the morning dew on the holly berries with a touch of luxurious sparkle, complemented by gold. Famously, in 1863, Thomas Nast, an American political cartoonist for Harper’s Weekly, created the defining images of Santa Claus wearing his red and white outfit that have become iconic, reinforcing our chromatic Christmas.

“White for the mistletoe that hangs in the hall


White evokes the snow and frost that cover the earth in the coldest moments, the fur that lines the extremities of Santa Claus’ suit, the berries in the lover’s mistletoe and the purity of the clothes that cover our holiday tables. Lest we forget the reflection of light on a surface, a glinting, shimmering, scintillating whiteness and the metallic luxury of silver.

“Green for the ivy that grows by the wall”


The evergreen tree is an enduring symbol of the festive household, sprouting even in the coldest winter months, enriching us with enduring life. Deep green Ivy compliments our holly with its contrasting berries and viridescent satin ribbons adorn our boxes under the tree. Green also represents the importance of eco-innovative solutions for the festive season – a time of giving and receiving – the best gift we can give is to the planet itself, with sustainable and beautiful options.

All of the materials shown here can be ordered, and some are in stock at our studio. Please contact us for any material requests, material advice or if you would like to come in for a consultation with one of our experts.