Dancing Colors


The famous swimming pool at Hôtel Molitor was emptied, and once again accommodated dancing with this sensuous video – Liberté – conceived during confinement by Éric Marion and Sylvia Randazzo with the dancers Myriam Ould Braham and Mickael Lafon from Opera de Paris.

Amelie Lengrand’s beautiful sculptural installation Iris, made using our iconic Magic Mirror material, floats above the basin coloring the dancers’ movements. Like a moving painting, it refracts the light in spectacular ways, layering chromatic reflections over their bodies as they perform.

Though the water is drained, this prismatic effect recalls its liquid light surface, bringing the sun itself to life. Enjoy the video above, courtesy of the Hôtel Molitor Instagram feed.

The infamous Heretik Sound System free party at Hôtel Molitor, Paris, 2001
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