Story of the Month
For Change

“Resilience is the ability of a material to absorb energy when it is deformed elastically”

If we do not have the desire to fundamentally change our behavior after going through this pandemic, we would essentially be withdrawing ourselves from our natural environment completely.

Re-Leather & Re-Leather SS: Eco-innovative leather alternatives composed of waste leather and natural latex.

In the past, we mastered the manipulation of materials, but going forwards we must concentrate and listen to them in order to communicate with their spirit and begin the restoration of their body: isn’t the essence of this experience intended to change the course of our emotions and instil meaning into our future commitments?


With our eco-innovative materials, we provide the means to remarkable, unique, and memorable user experiences. Together we can be the messengers of more ethical commerce – where symbiosis takes precedence over exploitation, communication over consumption, and respect over indifference.

Paper Jeans: A fully recycled paper-like material made from pulped denim fabric fibers and post-consumer paper pulp.