Anne Fontaine
Triple Gold

The brief from Anne Fontaine was to disrupt the traditional bauble symbol associated with christmas decorations.
We used three different golden materials, taking inspiration from the seasonal party dress.
The final product combines sequin strip, with metallic rotary cut fringing, supported by rigid Mirror Polystyrene.


Madame Figaro
Flowers Hours

Set designer Mathilde Nivet sought materials that represented carnivorous plants and exotic foliage for an imaginative series of photos for Madame Figaro, previewing the Haute Horlogerie tradeshow in Geneva.
We suggested a variety of materials and colors in the Tinted PVC, Prism PVC and Magic Mirror families to immerse the reader in a universe of luxurious sobriety and sumptous eccentricity.
The photographer Valéry Assénat captured our materials seductively, showcasing their unique transparencies, character and luminosity to perfection./vc_column_text]


Melting Cherries

When Bonpoint came to us with the concept of the Melting Cherries, they referenced the famous Surrealist iconography.
It was important that the material choice could be applied to any surface in the store, and take the form of its support.
The process cut forms were produced to specification, in our Glitter Hexa Gold on 3M adhesive transfer. The visual impact of these gigantic cherries made for a truly surreal experience in-store.


Starry Night

Maje came to us looking for a material that would emphasise the Starry Night image for their christmas windows.
We chose together our Glitter Hexa Black with it’s multi-formed particular surface, giving us a sparkling profondity for the dark night backdrops


La vie est belle

Lancôme wanted a material to embody it’s new fragrance ‘La Vie est Belle’ that could be used in all forms of advertising and merchandising.
We chose our Snow fabric as a base and engineered a bespoke custom variant for them.
Our goal was to bring out the expressions of lightness, freedom, and happiness associated with the perfume through the material.
This project is ongoing with Lancôme and whenever the product is presented globally, the Custom Snow fabric instills the fragrance’s DNA.


Anne Fontaine

The Anne Fontaine SS14 collection featured broderie anglaise, lace, and guipure.
Taking inspiration from these themes, we created modular abstract matrixes of cut-out forms that reflected the lightness in the materials of the collection.
The 5 modules were combined in different ways in each of the windows making each presentaion unique, whilst emphasising the delicate nature of the collection.

Lenticulaire PC Aqua Piscine

Process family: Relief/3D Effect
Composition: Polycarbonate
Format: Roll
Size: 64 cm width
Thickness: 0,40 mm
Color: Blue

See also : PC Moiré




Fire Resistance : Unknown
Weather Resistance : High
Scratch Resistance : High
Weight : Low
Renewable : No
Elasticity : Low
Fragility : Low


Glossiness : Medium
Translucence : Medium
Texture : Medium
Hardness : Medium
Temperature : Warm
Sound : Medium
Odour : Low

Magic Mirror Adhesive

Process family: Applied/Laminated
Composition: Polyester
Format: Roll
Size: 140 cm width
Thickness: 0,03 mm
Color: Blue


Available in Blue or Pink dominant colour.




Fire Resistance : Low
Weather Resistance : High
Scratch Resistance : Medium
Weight : Low
Renewable : No
Elasticity : Medium
Fragility : Medium


Glossiness : High
Translucence : High
Texture : Low
Hardness : Low
Temperature : Cold
Sound : Medium
Odour : Low