Centre Pompidou
Dream Case

The ‘Dream Case’ is a beautiful object developed for the Centre Georges Pompidou which unfolds to reveal creative sculptural forms using unusual materials with fantastic colors.

Aimed at children aged 2 to 5 years old, it encourages them to manipulate the materials to appreciate and develop their own works of art.

In creating the object, the textile designer Ludivine Bigot used our Tinted Fluo, Reflective Prisme and Magic Mirror to construct reflective optical prisms and many other wondrous shapes and textural forms. 

Crédit photo : Ludivine Bigot, Hervé Véronèse photographe du centre Pompidou.

Glitter Hexa

Process family: Coated/Projected
Composition: PVC/Cotton
Format: Roll
Size: 147 cm width
Thickness: 1,50 mm
Color: Black

Available in 19 colors




Fire Resistance : Low 
Weather Resistance : Low 
Scratch Resistance : High
Weight : Medium
Renewable : No 
Elasticity : Medium
Fragility : Low


Glossiness : High
Translucence : Low
Texture : High
Hardness : Medium
Temperature : Warm
Sound : Low
Odour : Low


Cosmic Night Sky

Selfridges approached us with the idea to customize our Glitter Hexa fabric with digital print to create a personalized colorful representation of a cosmic night sky.
After a series of tests we discovered the only way to retain the luminosity in the glitter fabric, whilst adding bright colour, was to use light aerosol based paint. We applied the aerosol by hand directly to the Glitter Hexa Navy stretched on custom built wooden panels to create this wondrous bespoke effect. We installed the panels in all 21 windows of the department store in two evenings.


Haute Friture

Fauchon chose an aquatic theme for their Easter window in their flagship store and were looking for a material to instill a sense of marine environment.

Our Dentelle Silicone was the perfect backdrop for their Haute Friture display, as it evokes liquidity and reflects the light in a unique specular way. This usually technical material proved extraordinary to convey this watery sensation.



Burberry came to us with a specific brief to develop spinning confetti for their catwalk finale inspired by the shape of the sycamore seed.
We fully developed the form, through design to production, concentrating on the aerodynamic aspect, so that this desired helicopter spin could be achieved.
We used our Silver Mirror Polyester in two different weights fused together in balance to attain the effect.
The magic moment at the finale of the catwalk presentation mirrored the natural earthy tones to the collection and embodied this organic poetry in motion.



Guerlain has a rich brand iconography and often uses it in their window displays. For this project, we took the Feston (scallop) symbol associated historically with Guerlain, and recreated it in transparent glitter projection on our matt Black Touch PVC, giving it a three dimensional aspect. This reflects perfectly the historic perfume bottle that they chose to present alongside it.


Cheval Blanc
Carte grands Crus

Chateau Cheval Blanc Courchevel wanted to create a unique object for their prestigious wine list.
Our creative team envisaged the sediment at the bottom of the wine bottle as glitter, and integrated it into the production process.
The Transparent Resin plaque was prepared, and whilst still wet, the glitter was applied in splash form. A second layer was then poured on top creating a glitter inclusion. The visual impact is extraordinary, invoking the dreamlike allegory of the spilt wine sediment.


Paule Ka

Paule Ka used an illustrative floral collage in their SS15 collection, and wanted to base their spring windows around this element. We worked closely with the visual merchandising team to realize a multi dimensional scene. The Forex PVC was printed and process cut to recreate the illustrations in varying dimensions, and the artificial flowers were developed bespoke in house.