Story of the Month
Tomorrow’s Material World

Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.

Antoine Lavoisier

Here at American Supply, we provide innovative solutions and are always searching for cutting edge developments, whether they be material or ephemeral. Our clients are always abreast of the zeitgeist and important societal shifts, and we cater to their needs. For our future, it is important that we consider our present, understanding our past and learning from it. It is imperative that we work towards doing what we can to help the climate and the planet that we live on.

With our productions, we are dedicated to using the minimum matter necessarily, but minimal excess waste is unavoidable. Since 2003 we have been donating larger scale excess of primary materials to schools and universities and storing material that is partly transformed in our own facilities. We do not consider material that has been transformed to have reached the end of its transformative life but believe that it is in transition and has further potential. As the old saying goes, One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure.

Our vision is a progressive one, and we believe it is crucial to be conscious of the world we live in and our impact upon it. We are proud to present our 2019 Sustainability Report, and lay out our plans for the future and our place in it.

“American Supply’s industry position at the heart of Material Supply & Material Design makes us a leader into the research, promotion, and production of sustainable and eco-responsible materials. In our profession, we face creative and technical challenges every day – the question of sustainability, on top of this, is both urgent and necessary for us to continue to take pride in our work! Our industry favors enormous over-consumption of materials with relatively short lifespans. We need to help evolve people’s habits and pre-conceptions towards material using our expertise: the material itself, eco-responsibly!”

Delphine Duval Delort, Sales Director