Alucore is an aluminium composite panel consisting of two cover sheets and a honeycomb core used primarily in the aeronautic, architectural and construction industries as a structural material, it is renowned for being both lightweight and extremely strong. Made from 100% aluminium, making it 100% recyclable, Alucore is durable and ecologic. We have been re-imagining the potential of this versatile material, manufactured by our industrial partner 3A Composites, leaders in the composite material industry, in innovative ways and out of its usual context.

Firstly, we experimented with it as a print support, digitally printing on the face in matt black ink, allowing the unprinted metallic surfaces to shine, and giving a new depth to our graduated halftone print. The application softened the surface, emphasising the raw industrial edges.

Our second application involved cutting it into slices and piling it sculpturally to expose it’s lesser-known honeycomb core, celebrating this new dimension to the material. The light has a complex refraction in this manner, as the raw, dull and polished surfaces collide in the process of slicing, giving us a unique new surface material. The sculptural possibilities in this application are limited only by our imaginations!

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