Our 2021

American Supply was founded in 1948 by a French visionary living in New York mesmerized by the burgeoning material innovation industry. In keeping with our dedication to innovation, we provide unparalleled sustainable eco-innovative material solutions with a keen eye to the future, offering new and cutting-edge materials and material expertise to our clients in anticipation of their needs.


Following our 2019 Sustainability Report commitment, we are delighted to announce that our collection offer for 2021 is now 25% eco-focussed with the introduction of the American Supply 2021 Eco-Collection


In 2020 a new tendency emerged within luxury commerce towards pre-ordering, to drive brands sustainable practice further, discouraging deadstock and promoting a slower form of consumption. This enables luxury houses to work with local producers and gives the customer a more direct experience, with an added dash of anticipation! 


The 2021 Eco-Collection is 250 € HT (300 € TTC) for 4 binders in one AS Cube. Each binder contains 10 -12 materials, chosen carefully by our creative team. 


Order the American Supply 2021 Eco-Collection now !


To aid your sustainable research, we have identified four eco-conscious categories to order the collection: Recycled, Recyclable, Eco-Concept & Natural.


All materials in the Recycled category are made entirely from domestic or industrial waste.

Our focus materials: Creafoam, Asphalt & Ubiplast.



All materials in the Recyclable category are mono-material and entirely recyclable. 

Our focus materials: PU Gel, Carton Lace & Air Noodles.



All materials in the Eco-Concept category are conceived with an eco-conscious approach and respect for the production process. 

Our focus materials: Roche, Souple P15 & Color Cork



All materials in the Natural category are composed of entirely natural elements. 

Our focus materials: Caoutchouc Color, Tefna & Banana Flex


To pre-order the American Supply 2021 Eco-Collection for the promotional price of 150 € HT (180 € TTC) instead of 250 € HT (300 € TTC) CLICK HERE !