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December 18, 2018 STORY OF THE MONTH
From the Gallery to the Runway

Fashion’s long-standing relationship with art is well documented, but rarely has it been in such perfect symbiosis as now. With an increasingly inclusive attitude towards art in fashion and vice versa (even in the most commercial of environments), it is becoming more and more common...

December 18, 2018 NEWS
Christmas Around The World

We took a virtual trip around the world to gather some of the most inspirational and creative windows out there. From New York to Tokyo via Oslo and Newcastle, there was no shortage of wondrous imagination on offer. Here are some of our favorites! [gallery ids="24252,24217,24250,24249,24248,24224,24226,24225,24245,24244,24243,24242,24241,24240,24251,24237,24239,24238,24236,24235,24336,24334,24335,24234,24231,24232,24233,24230,24229,24228,24227,24223,24222,24219,24218,24216,24212,24211,24246,24247"]...

December 18, 2018 MATERIALS
Luminous Mystic

For every one of us that’s ever dreamed of the mystical Aurora Borealis off the Norwegian coast, it’s not hard to understand the allure of natural phenomenon rooted in the supernatural and mysticism. And it is precisely this junction, the meeting of magic and flower,...

November 27, 2018 ART

American Supply s’est invité à la 45ème édition de la FIAC, incontournable foire parisienne de l’Art Contemporain au Grand Palais. Nos collaborations avec de grands Artistes à l’imagination féconde et aux exigences extrêmes sont un fantastique terrain d’exploration de nos nouvelles techniques et une perpétuelle...

November 27, 2018 Fashion
A/H 2018

Vous aimez les Tartans et les Plaids, les matériaux Futur Transparent ou vous avez toujour un faible pour l’art de la broderie traditionnelle, la tendance A/H 2018 est là pour vous. Nous avons compilé le meilleur des tendances à l’affiche dans les boutiques pour vous...

November 27, 2018 TECHNOLOGY
Impression de paillette grand format en sérigraphie ou projection

Dans le procédé habituel de sérigraphie pailletée, les paillettes sont d’abord mélangées à un vernis transparent qui les enrobe puis imprimées sur le support. De ce fait, la réflexion purement “métallique” de la paillette est remplacée par une réflexion “plastique” dont l’effet est notoirement moins...

November 26, 2018 Story of the Month
Le Merveilleux Noël des Vitrines Parisiennes

Noël arrive avec les premiers flocons cotonneux, les fraicheurs matinales avec leurs décors de feuillages givrés dans la fine brume, et les incontournables vitrines de Noël. Nous avons fait le tour des plus belles avenues de la capitale pour vous présenter une sélection des plus...

November 20, 2018 Story of the Month
Walking in a Window Wonderland

Winter is falling with the first snowflakes, bringing the early morning frost, and the inimitable Christmas windows. We took a walk around our hometown Paris to bring you a curated selection of our favorites so far. We work on material developments throughout the year to bring...

November 20, 2018 Fashion
Autumn/Winter 2018 Trends

If you love Tartans and plaids, Future Transparent materials, or prefer the more classic Art of Embroidery, there is an AW18 trend for you. We have gathered the top trends from this past fashion week for you to get the inspiration you need to get through...

November 20, 2018 ART
FIAC 2018

American Supply attended the 45th edition of the FIAC, the internationally renowned contemporary art fair, at Paris' magnificent Grand Palais. We work side by side with artists and visual merchandisers to enhance and elevate their creative ideas using unique techniques and new technology, and the...