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August 28, 2019 Materials

[gallery ids="26372,26373,26374,26375,26376"] Alucore est un panneau composite aluminium constitué de deux feuilles fines et d’un nid d’abeille utilisé usuellement dans l’aéronautique, l’architecture et l’industrie de la construction comme un matériau de structure. Il est réputé pour être à la fois léger et extrêmement résistant. Fait de...

August 28, 2019 Story of the Month
The Retail Lab at Maison & Objet Paris

[gallery ids="26348,26349"] American Supply is pleased to announce that our Founder and CEO Albert Benguigui will conduct a conference: “Materials and Brand Identity in Luxury Merchandising”, at the upcoming September 2019 edition of Maison & Objet - the self-confessed international authority for home decor, interior design,...

August 28, 2019 Materials

[gallery ids="26372,26373,26374,26375,26376"] Alucore is an aluminium composite panel consisting of two cover sheets and a honeycomb core used primarily in the aeronautic, architectural and construction industries as a structural material, it is renowned for being both lightweight and extremely strong. Made from 100% aluminium, making it...

August 28, 2019 Art
We Have Your Back

The Palais Galliera, offsite at The Musée Bourdelle, presents a fascinating look at the back of clothing and our complicated relationship to the side of ourselves we see least in their current show Back side - Fashion from Behind. Where our primary interactions with others...

July 29, 2019 Fashion
Think Pink!

[gallery ids="26038,26035,26043,26034,26044,26033,26029,26032,26075,26040,26041,26039,26027,26045,26030,26028,26046,26031,26036,26037,26026"] “Think pink! think pink! when you shop for summer clothes.Think pink! think pink! if you want that quel-que chose.” Funny Face soundtrack, 1957 For menswear this season, the fashion houses showed us life through rose-tinted spectacles as the boys blushed their way down the runway, making...

July 29, 2019 Fashion
La Vie en Rose

[gallery ids="26038,26035,26043,26034,26044,26033,26029,26032,26075,26040,26041,26039,26027,26045,26030,26028,26046,26031,26036,26037,26026"] “Quand il me prend dans ses bras Qu’il me parle tout basJe vois la vie en rose” Edith Piaf, 1945 Pour la Fashion Week Homme printemps-été 2020, les maisons du luxe nous font voir la vie en rose, telles les pommettes des garçons sur les podiums, rendant le rose officiellement...

July 29, 2019 Story of the Month
Beau, Luxueux, Durable.

[gallery ids="26068,26065,26071,26069,26070,26072"] "Ne me dites pas que la lune brille, montrez-moi la lueur de la lumière sur le verre brisé." Anton Tchekhov Terrazzo a été le premier exemple au monde de revêtement de sol durable, communément attribué aux travailleurs Vénitiens, qui ont récupéré des fragments de marbre de leurs...

July 29, 2019 Story of the Month
Sustainable Beauty

[gallery ids="26068,26065,26071,26069,26070,26072"] “Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” Anton Chekhov Terrazzo was the world’s first example of sustainable flooring, commonly attributed to Venetian workers, who salvaged marble fragments from their construction...

July 29, 2019 Fashion
Détails Sublimes

[gallery ids="26049,26053,26054,26055,26056,26057,26058,26059,26060,26061,26062"] La Haute Couture est définie par le travail manuel qu'il faut pour la produire, et chaque vêtement doit d'être construit à la main du début à la fin. Les maisons de couture doivent respecter des règles strictes pour être qualifiées par la Chambre Syndicale de...

July 29, 2019 Fashion
It’s All in the Details

[gallery ids="26049,26053,26054,26055,26056,26057,26058,26059,26060,26061,26062"] Couture is defined by the hand-work that it takes to produce it, and each garment has an obligation to be constructed by hand from start to finish. Couture houses have to abide by the following strict rules to qualify as couture: design made-to-order garments...