Christmas Window Shopping

Every year, we take a leisurely walk around the shopping districts of Paris and marvel at the Christmas window installations that have been created to entice us.    This year was slightly different for a few reasons; one, the shops have been intermittently closed due to lockdown, and, two, even when open a strict 8 pm curfew has been imposed. This restricted our leisurely pace, as the time we usually took had to be metered, impacting our geographical scope for reasons of efficiency.    So, this year we focussed only on the Rue Saint Honoré district, which houses many flagship stores and branches off to Place Vendôme, Place de la Madeleine, Palais Royale, Le Louvre, the Tuileries Gardens and terminates at the President's residence, Le Palais de L'Élysée.   The Christmas window installations this year also reflected the unique situation, with many luxury houses reflecting our home interior back at us including Vivienne Westwood, Longchamp, JM Weston, and Fendi. Interpretations of the Christmas tree - a symbol that infiltrates our homes - and its accouterments: baubles, garlands, and lights, were seen at Guerlain, Moschino, Chanel, Dior, Christian Louboutin, Prada, Vuitton, and Tory Burch.    Dior, Cartier, and Chanel decorated the exterior of the stores fabulously, a trend that we picked up on last year, highlighting the ongoing importance of the exterior versus the interior in the visual merchandising world in Covid times.

Story of the Month
the Fold

We are renowned for our expertise in the creation, sourcing, and supply of materials, but also for our understanding of their potential application and transformation. The transformation of a material can be as simple or as complicated as our creative desire, and this month we focus on a very simple, yet elegant transformation, the basic fold. Working with a few materials in our library that can easily be hand folded, we tried some simple folds to illustrate how their aspect changed! 
Our iconic Magic Mirror TPU is a thicker transparent variant of Magic Mirror, composed of the polyester film on a TPU support. Here, the folds, layers and dark and light backgrounds emphasise that the shifting colours and the transmitted colors are different from the reflective colors.    Learn more about this material HERE
Lenticulaire PC Moire has to be seen to be believed, the lenticular surface gives the impression of depth and, once folded, belies its two-dimensionality giving the impression of a solid object. Here, in the clear color it resembles a block of sculpted ice.   Learn more about this material HERE
Crumpled has a cracked metallic surface, like a beautifully aged leather. When folded it becomes fuller, and takes on the appearance of upholstered furniture. It is much less fragile than it looks and can be sewn easily through the fold lines to create upholstered objects.   Learn more about this material HERE
Our Billy Métallisé in 100% polyester comes in 21 different metallic colors. When folded its mirrored surface is multiplied and its color is reflected in multiple directions on the surfaces around it, creating a jewel-like glow.   Learn more about this material HERE
Our lightweight PVC Mirror has a clean surface that can be stretched on a frame easily to create a beautiful mirror. When creased and folded it undulates without support, giving crisp, clear images.   CONTACT US for more information.
Holo-Sparkle Adhesive is a shimmering holographic glitter adhesive vinyl with a paper backing. We left the paper backing on it before folding to give it structure, and a new profundity to its sparkling surface. Like a futuristic pointillist painting, we're sure you’ll agree that the facetted result is fascinating!    CONTACT US for more information.

Dessiner l’Avenir

Après l'annulation de tous les salons physiques et de design à Paris depuis le mois de mars, nous avons été ravis que la Design Week de Paris se déroule comme prévu dans différents espaces satellites de la ville. Nous avons fait un tour et trouvé l'inspiration dans des applications et des surfaces de matériaux inattendus !

Bouffée ‘d’Art’ Frais

Avec l'explosion de la pandémie de Covid-19 en mars, toutes les foires mondiales d'art contemporain ont été annulées. Art Paris 2020, en septembre, est allé à l'encontre de la tendance et a ouvert au public dans son emplacement habituel au Grand Palais. La décision a été facilitée par l’avantage indéniable de l'immense hauteur de 45 mètres de plafond du Grand Palais ce qui ne compte certainement pas comme un espace confiné ! Voir l'ensemble des galeries ainsi qu'une si grande sélection d'œuvres à regarder a été une véritable bouffée d'air frais. Découvrez nos coups de cœur ci-dessous.

Credit Photo: All photos courtesy the galleries and artists cited

Designing the Future

After the cancellation of all the physical tradeshows and design salons in Paris since March, we were delighted that Paris Design Week went ahead as planned in various satellite spaces in the city. We took a tour and found inspiration in unexpected material applications and surfaces!

Breath of Fresh ‘Art’!

Since the explosion of the Covid-19 pandemic in March all subsequent global contemporary art fairs have been cancelled. Art Paris 2020, last month, went against the trend and opened to the public in its regular Grand Palais location. The decision to go ahead was helped by the fact that the Grand Palais has a ceiling height of 45 metres, which certainly doesn’t count as a confined space! To see all of the galleries together with such a large selection of works to look at was a breath of fresh air indeed, take a look at some of our favourites above.

Credit Photo: All photos courtesy the galleries and artists cited

Trêve Estivale

Nos matériaux : Sable, Lenticulaire PC Aqua Piscine & Dried Plants

Notre showroom à Paris est fermé pendant une semaine en août :

Vacances d'été 10 août - 14 août 2020

Après un début d'année inédit, constitué d’une épidémie et du déconfinement qui s'en est suivi, nous pouvons enfin commencer à quitter les villes dans lesquelles nous avons été confinés, et à respirer un peu d'air frais.

Profitons tous de notre liberté bien méritée, en plein air !

Summer Break

Our materials : Sable, Lenticulaire PC Aqua Piscine & Dried Plants

Our showroom in Paris is closed for one week in August :

Summer Break 10th August - 14th August, 2020

After a uniquely challenging start to the year, with the epidemic and subsequent deconfinement, we can finally start to leave the cities that we’ve been confined in, and breath in some fresh air. 

Let’s all enjoy our well-earned freedom, in the great outdoors!