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As we navigate our way collectively through this difficult time, in varying states of confinement and lockdown across the globe, we shed some light on some of the beautiful responses from one of the local luxury industries that we hold close to our hearts – fashion.


American Supply works together with the global leaders in the luxury fashion industry providing materials, giving expert advice, and carrying out complex productions; helping them to realise and achieve their creative dreams. With the Fédération de la Couture et de la Mode’s announcement that both the Spring/Summer 2021 Menswear and Haute-Couture Autumn/Winter 2020 shows in Paris were cancelled, you would be forgiven for thinking that fashion houses might be retreating, but – fashion is fighting back!

Louis Vuitton announces the production of thousands of hospital gowns to be donated to frontline medical staff within the Parisian hospital network AP-HP. These gowns will be created by volunteers at the Maison’s headquarters for six Parisian hospitals in urgent need of protective gear. Thank you to everyone who is doing their part to fight this global pandemic.” courtesy Instagram/louisvuitton, posted April 11th
An early response to the COVID-19 pandemic came from one of the biggest luxury conglomerates in the world, our partner, LVMH. On March 15th they announced that all of their perfume and make-up production facilities would cease regular production and shift all of their focus to producing large quantities of hydroalcoholic gel and pledged to donate 40 million medical-grade masks to the French health authorities.


Through this initiative, LVMH intends to help address the risk of a lack of product in France and enable a greater number of people to continue to take the right action to protect themselves from the spread of the coronavirus 

LVMH press statement, March 15th 2020.

LVMH hand sanitiser rushed out amid the pandemic & Christian Dior’s factory in Saint-Jean de Braye © LVMH, Images taken from Financial Times (
The Kering Group, after making early donations to the Italian health authorities and hospitals, including the production of medical-grade masks and medical gowns in their Gucci ateliers, announced on March 22nd that they would be reconfiguring their Balenciaga and Saint Laurent fashion ateliers in France to start manufacturing medical-grade masks and gowns to donate to the French health authorities. They are also donating financially to vaccine research in France:


With a view to providing a lasting response to the current pandemic, Kering has made a financial donation to the Institut Pasteur to support its research into COVID-19” 

Kering Group press statement, March 22nd 2020.


Illustrations created by Soledad Bravi for Kering #keringforyou taken from Kering website (
On March 29th, Chanel posted an image of Gabrielle Chanel looking out of the window of her apartment, in solidarity with the French population who are all locked down, confined in their own homes:


BY THE WINDOW. From our House to yours, CHANEL wishes to express its solidarity with everyone staying at home or affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. We are grateful to those supporting others during these unprecedented times.

Chanel press statement, March 29th 2020.


Gabrielle Chanel Photographed by Alexander Liberman taken from Chanel’s Instagram post on March 29th, 2020 (@chanelofficial)
They reference the now daily French ritual, during the pandemic, of the population standing by their windows at 20h00 applauding and giving thanks to the doctors, nurses and caregivers who work tirelessly to get us through this. Chanel has also turned its French ateliers into production facilities for medical-grade face masks and gowns, and are donating heavily to the French emergency services.
We will return more creative than ever to continue making you dream. But for the time being our petites mains have voluntarily undertaken to produce masks for those invaluable people working selflessly on the front lines. We proudly salute this gesture which once again shows the generosity of our ateliers and laboratories, more committed than ever to ensuring your protection. Take care of yourself, we are by your side. #DiorStandsWithYou” Dior Instagram post on March 31st, 2020 (@diorofficial)
Here at American Supply, we are dedicated to facilitating your dreams and realising your creative demands. Our materials are known for their uniqueness, and our creative team is known for their material expertise. We continue to work through this difficult period with a view to the future, and a promise to be there for you throughout and after. Our CEO and founder, Albert Benguigui released his statement in our last newsletter and we would like to reiterate his words:


With our unique physical material library in Paris that holds more than 10,000 individual references, our in-house material expertise, partner factories and transformation capabilities: we are able to help you with your projects and demands, big or small. During this difficult period, we have people on-site to aid you in any way you need.” 

Albert Benguigui, The Material Journal, March 2020


As the womenswear FW2020 season draws to a close in our hometown, we take a look over the last month of fashion shows in the fashion capitals. The womenswear ready-to-wear shows are as renowned for material innovation as they are for trend, here are some of our favourites in all senses.




New York


Credit Photo: All photos courtesy &

Material District Rotterdam 2020

American Supply is pleased to present materials at Material District Rotterdam. The salon takes place from the 23rd to the 25th of June, and is one not to be missed for material enthusiasts!

This year’s edition will be the biggest yet, with a focus on sustainability in a curated selection of 400 materials from Material District’s extensive library for visitors to see, feel and experience first hand. All selected materials fall within one or more of their sustainable themes.

Material District Rotterdam will show our Flash-Luminium, which is composed of our Rainbow Flash retro-reflective nylon material fused on an aluminium support. Flash-Luminium is almost black when not activated by light, but once it is activated it becomes a prismatic gradient rainbow-colour. The retroreflection is achieved through light activating micro-glass beads on the nylon surface with a gradient refractive index. Even when not flashed, the dark surface has a subtle rainbow tint.

Its lightweight aluminium support is easily manipulated by hand and able to hold the form you give it with ease. Once this is combined with its retro-reflectivity, it becomes a material that needs to be seen to be believed!

Dates & opening hours MaterialDistrict Rotterdam
Tuesday 23 June 2020: 10:30 – 19:00
Wednesday 24 June 2020: 10:30 – 19:00
Thursday 25 June 2020: 10:30 – 19:00

Material District Rotterdam
Rotterdam Ahoy
Ahoyweg 10
3084 BA Rotterdam

For more information visit:

The American Supply Material Collections

The American Supply material collection offer is now 25% eco-conscious, to help you with your dedicated sustainable material research. Our collections are invaluable additions to any discerning Materiotheque and are available in three distinct formats. They are packaged in exclusive American Supply binders, housed in gold embossed American Supply Cubes to keep them in order.


Our first offer is The Classic Collection, which segments our iconic materials into their process families – Applied / Laminated, Coated / Projected, Extruded / Calendered, Pressed / Cast, Relief / 3D Effect and Woven / Braided. This makes it easier to discern the varied manufacturing processes behind their creation and aids your imagination to understand the possibilities of combining and transforming them. At the end of the year, a thirteenth binder is sent to you, containing the 12 Material of the Month samples.

The American Supply Classic Collection is composed of 12 binders in 3 American Supply Cubes, containing 140 materials. Our 6 manufacturing process families are divided into 2 binders each. At the end of the year, in December, a thirteenth binder will be sent with all 12 Material of the Month in a bonus binder of new materials. The American Supply Classic Collection contains 152 materials.

Our second offer is the Eco-Collection which classifies our most recent research into the following eco-categories: Recycled, Recyclable, Eco-Conception & NaturalThe Eco-Collection is composed of 4 binders in one American Supply Cube.

Each binder contains 10 -12 materials, chosen by our creative team that reflect our ongoing eco-conscious research. The Eco-Collection contains 50 materials in 4 binders housed in 1 American Supply cube.

Our final offer is The American Supply Full Collection, combining The Classic Collection and The Eco-Collection together in a complete package, giving you access to 25% eco-conscious materials. This option gives you all the tools you need to understand the American Supply materials, and gives you first-hand access to our latest material research, revealing the material’s potential and transformative possibilities.

The American Supply Classic Collection as above – Contains 140 materials and the Eco-Collection containing 50 Materials. A total of 16 binders in 4 American Supply Cubes, with 190 materials.


American Supply a de nouvelles offres de “collections matières” des plus inspirantes. Indispensable dans votre matériauthèque. Disponibles en trois formules différentes. Tous les matériaux sont livrés dans les classeurs exclusifs American Supply, glissés dans des cubes en kraft marqués or.


La Collection Classique American Supply est notre première offre, qui présente nos matériaux iconiques classés par familles de procédés de fabrication – Appliqués / Laminés – Enduits / Projetés – Extrudés / Calandrés – Pressés / Coulés – Relief / Effets 3D et Tissés / Tressés. Cela permet de mieux les discerner et permet à votre imagination d’appréhender diverses possibilités de combinaisons et de transformations.

La Collection Classique American Supply est composée de 12 classeurs rangés dans 3 cubes American Supply, contenant 140 matériaux. Nos 6 familles de procédés de fabrication sont divisées en 2 classeurs chacune. A la fin de l’année, en Décembre, un treizième classeur vous sera offert avec les 12 Matériaux du Mois constituant ainsi un classeur bonus de nouveautés. La Collection Classique American Supply contient 152 matériaux.

Notre deuxième offre est la nouvelle Collection Eco qui classifie nos plus récentes recherches selon les catégories suivantes : Recyclé, Recyclable, Eco-Conçu, Naturel. La Collection Eco est composée de 4 classeurs dans une boîte American Supply. 

Chaque classeur contient 10-12 matières, choisis par notre équipe créative qui réfléchit chaque jour à la proposition d’innovations inédites. La Collection Eco contient environ 50 matières dans 4 classeurs rangés dans 1 cube American Supply.

Notre dernière offre est la Collection Complète American Supply, qui combine la Collection Classique et la Collection Eco dans un ensemble complet. Cette option vous donne tous les outils dont vous avez besoin pour comprendre les matières American Supply, et vous donne un accès exclusif à nos recherches de matières. 

La Collection Classique American Supply – 12 classeurs rangés dans 3 cubes American Supply, contenant 140 matériaux et la Collection Eco contient 50 matériaux. La Collection complète American Supply est composée de 16 classeurs rangés dans 4 cubes American Supply, contenant 190 matériaux.

Material District Rotterdam 2020

American Supply exposera des matériaux au Material District Rotterdam. Le salon se déroule du 23 au 25 juin, un rendez-vous à ne surtout pas manquer pour les amateurs de matériaux et tendances !

L’édition de cette année sera la plus grande présentée jusqu’ici, avec un accent sur l’éco-responsabilité et la durabilité grâce à une sélection de 400 materiaux issus de la vaste matériauthèque de Material District que les visiteurs pourront voir et toucher. Tous les matériaux sélectionnés s’inscrivent dans un ou plusieurs de leurs  thèmes de durabilité (transition énergétique et bien-être……).

Material District Rotterdam présentera notre Flash-Luminium, qui est composé de notre matériau rétro-réfléchissant Rainbow Flash en nylon fusionné à un support en aluminium. Le Flash-Luminium est presque noir lorsqu’il n’est pas activé par la lumière, mais une fois ”flashé”, il prend des couleurs infinies prismatiques. La rétro-réflexion est obtenue grâce à des microbilles de verre activant la lumière sur la surface du nylon avec un indice de réfraction dégradé. Même sans flash, la surface sombre nous renvoie une subtile teinte arc-en-ciel.

Son support en aluminium léger est facilement manipulable à la main et peut garder la forme que vous lui donnez si facilement. Une fois combiné avec son aspect rétro-réfléchissant, il se transforme en matériau qui doit être vu pour être cru !

Dates et heures d’ouvertures de Material District Rotterdam
Mardi 23 juin 2020  10:30 – 19:00
Mercredi 24 juin 2020: 10:30 – 19:00
Jeudi 25 juin 2020: 10:30 – 19:00

Material District Rotterdam
Rotterdam Ahoy
Ahoyweg 10
3084 BA Rotterdam

Pour plus d’infos :



Alors que les défilés de  prêt-à-porter féminin automne/hiver 2020 touchent à leur fin dans notre belle ville qu’est Paris, jetons un coup d’œil sur le dernier mois de défilés dans les capitales de la mode. Les défilés sont toujours autant réputés pour leurs innovations matérielles que pour leurs tendances. Voici quelques-uns de nos coups de cœur dans tous les sens du terme.





New York




Maison & Objet a pris à nouveau place au Parc des Expositions pour son édition de Janvier, avec un remarquable focus sur le travail des matières et textures naturelles. Si, en septembre, le salon s’est intéressé à la nature, cette fois-ci elle a été exploitée, concentrée et appliquée.

Le designer Michael Anastassiades qui avait lancé sa marque éponyme de luminaires en 2007 au salon Maison & Objet, fait son retour en tant que Designer de l’année. Il a présenté une sélection poétique de luminaires suspendus, évoquant les sculptures mobiles d’Alexander Calder et mues doucement par l’eau.

Alors que notre monde est confronté à l’urgence de son propre avenir, les gens descendent dans la rue et l’extérieur devient l’intérieur. Il est temps d’accueillir la nature sauvage dans votre paradis domestiqué et de célébrer la beauté du monde naturel.