Autumn/Winter 2018 Trends

If you love Tartans and plaids, Future Transparent materials, or prefer the more classic Art of Embroidery, there is an AW18 trend for you. We have gathered the top trends from this past fashion week for you to get the inspiration you need to get through this upcoming chilly months.


FIAC 2018

American Supply attended the 45th edition of the FIAC, the internationally renowned contemporary art fair, at Paris’ magnificent Grand Palais. We work side by side with artists and visual merchandisers to enhance and elevate their creative ideas using unique techniques and new technology, and the FIAC is always a rich source of inspiration for us.


Large-Scale Glitter Projection Printing

The usual process for screen printing with glitter requires the glitter to be mixed with a transparent varnish that saturates it before it is printed on the surface. With this method the metallic appearance of the glitter is lost and replaced with a more plastic reflection, making the effect less interesting: the glistening metal is not only drowned in the varnish, but the size of the glitter is also limited by the weave in the silkscreen. With our new exclusive development, we give back to the glitter its glistening potential and elevate it with the ability to vary particle size and allow a more anarchic placement on the surface, letting it shine in all directions.

American Supply’s Creative-Techno-Lab is the only team in Europe that can achieve Large-Scale Glitter Projection Printing of 140cm wide by 250cm long in a wide range of Glitter references and in any custom design. For the example shown above, we projected a custom Large Hexa Glitter in a Snowfall design, printed on our Deep Blue luxury velvet.

This technique can be applied to a wide range of fashion, design, and visual merchandising applications. Imagine what you could achieve with this new large-scale format.

American Supply continues to push the material boundaries both technically and creatively with our in-house expertise.


Etam S/S 19 Fashion Show

For lingerie company Etam’s 2019 show during this past Paris fashion week, 80 models and 5 female artists like Cardi B and Zara Larsson gave it them all to make it a spectacular show, and indeed it was. The brand showed 5 collections, each with its own unique style; soft and sexy lace, cowboy inspired creations, sweet and futuristic, maritime, and sparkle.

While artist IamDD was performing, models wearing lingerie and creations made from American Supply’s material Magic Mirror strutted down the runway. Their movement and lighting in the room showed beautifully the range of colors and use of the material.


Use of Material

The Duo dubbed design duo Legrand Jäger came from the United States. The material they had was “Nettuno” in the color skin.

From Legrand Jäger:

Le Confident 
Facial Recognition Emotion (FER) software interface The Confident or head-to-head is an archetypal design object, originally from XIX century, that uniquely embodies communication. Often thought of as a seat for gossip, its sitters are uniquely located for intimate conversation. In Legrand Jäger’s recalibrated version of the seat, our culture of quantification and gamification informs the object’s design both stylistically and functionally. Based on a personal understanding of gaming seat consoles, a personal face recognition (FER) software interface between the conversation partners, emotional feedback, live monitoring, during their exchange. Only seven human emotions are universally identified by such devices, enough for efficient profiling according to specialists.   A special thanks to IKSV and Hayung-Ok Park for production and Adjmal Sarwary from Mind Trace for customizing his emotion tracking software. – Website:



Story of the Month
American Supply partners with Maison & Objet Designer of the Year

Ramy Fischler’s, RF Studio came to American Supply researching a specific material for The Agora showcase at Maison & Objet. The team chose our material “Billy” in the Mysterious Forest colorway out of our vast index of more than 10,000 material references.

The material is a fire resistant complex of PET over MDF wood. In this particular circumstance, it was laminated on boards of 3m by 0.6m, enabling the perfect flatness for the support, essential to preserve the iridescent and metallic qualities unique to the product. Billy was originally intended for the fashion industry and exists in a wide range of colors.

American Supply is renowned for its ability to re-contextualize materials and their intended applications taking them out of their original industrial function, to a broader creative utilization, discovering and unlocking their inherent potential.

Since 1948, American Supply has conceived, developed and produced a range of more than 10,000 materials that are renowned for their originality and personality. Our mission is to put these materials into the hands of luxury brands, in the heart of their creations, their products, their points of sale and their identities.

American Supply creates and implements the materials sought by brands to unlock their creativity and reinforce their Lovebrand status. Attraction, obsession, and brand dedication are born through our expertly realized productions and sensorial material solutions. They feed the customers desire, sustaining the experience in a way that seamlessly re-invents itself.

American Supply works side by side with its clients to provide material solutions that embody their creative briefs and vision, respecting and preserving their brand’s unique DNA.


Un Sentiment d’Été


Voir la vie en rose, bleu, vert, coloris fruités et touches fluo !
Ajoutez des reflets prismatiques, moirés ou diffractants, et
vous serez, comme nos matériaux, aux couleurs de l’été : toujoursMagiques et Inattendus !

Atelier Lebuisson

Broderie florale réalisée par les Atelier Le Buisson, fleurs découpées en « TOUCH » Blanc posées sur Tulle.

La parfaite matité de « TOUCH » en contraste sur ce fond arachnéen apporte fraicheur et douceur.